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This event occurs before the data is saved to the Share Point list.

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Users can change data like the number of moons or the distance to the earth, but they are not able to change the name of the planet.To prevent users from changing the name of the planet, you can develop a Item Updating event receiver.The changed values can be retrieved from the After Properties of the incoming properties argument.You could think that the current values are stored in the Before Properties of the item but that’s not true: the Before Properties are unreliable at this point. When the name of the planet is changed, the update is canceled and an error message is returned to the user.Once in the new Facebook Pixel Code Implementation field (the HTML-less feature where you just add your Facebook Pixel ID) and once in the additional scripts field.

We removed from additional scripts and the double firing stopped.

If the name isn’t changed, the changes are saved to the Share Point list.

Before you can deploy the event receiver you have to change the file to bind the Update Adding event receiver to all custom lists.

Event Receivers are triggered by certain events on either a SPWeb, SPList or SPList Item. Here is the solution To work around this behavior, examine the vti_sourcecontrolcheckedoutby property inside an event receiver.

Event Receivers can be attached by either using feature elements definitions or by using the object model (using Feature Receivers). If the vti_sourcecontrolcheckedoutby property exits in the Before Properties property but not in the After Properties property, the event was caused by checking in a document.

I've installed the purchase event pixel once in the checkout settings in Shopify, including if first_time_accessed tags, and everything works, but when I'm looking at my stats in ad manager purchases are doubled, and the conversion values per ad are doubled as well, what's up with that?