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Ice hockey player Jack Johnson has blamed his parents for leading him "financially astray" after he filed for bankruptcy despite amassing million (£11.5m) during his nine-year NHL career.

The Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman, according to the Columbus Dispatch, handed his mother, Tina, power of attorney before signing a seven year, .5m deal with the Los Angeles Kings in 2011, giving her full control of his finances.

“I had the idea to benefit the fund, I think we could do pretty well by turning it into a public event, instead of just having Jack and I play with our friends and family and whatnot, and make this as a public thing, get to play hockey with an NHL player and have all the proceeds go to the foundation.

“We did that last summer for the first time, where we made it a public thing, and did pretty well with it.

Madison’s a hoe,” are just some of the many top-voted comments on the video that officially confirms Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer’s relationship.

While the duo have not exactly kept their relationship quiet, Jack Gilinsky has never actually confirmed anything – until now.

While Johnson learned the guitar at the age of 8 and started songwriting at the age of 12, his passion for music grew when he played rhythm guitar for the band Soil (not to be confused with the heavy metal band of the same name) in college.

In 1994, Zach Gill's band, Django Reinhardt, released a CD that quickly made Django a favorite band of the Isla Vista party scene at UCSB.Jack and Madison have recently been going very public with their relationship – with red carpet appearances at the RDMA’s and a televised reaction on Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber. At the Radio Disney Music Awards 2015, interviewer Chris Trondsen asks, “To take us out, are you single? “You guys are going to die together,” Chris morbidly responds. The overwhelming majority of the top-voted comments were highly critical of the relationship. There’s a lot more that goes into the relationship,” Jack Johnson says.Singler, a college friend of Spiro’s, was killed during his final year of undergraduate studies at Michigan State University in 2013.