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But she was keen to study, and so she attended evening classes.

She had always loved to sing and received some formal training in music.

After that she was taken to Hsinchu, about sixty kilometers southwest of Taipei, where she was placed in a sex camp, imprisoned, and forced to have sex with soldiers.

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In 1944, at the age of fifteen, she was taken from Daegu by a Japanese businessman and placed on a boat to Taiwan.On the boat she was raped repeatedly by soldiers and others.A prisoner is forced to serve as a doctor's assistant, giving her a front row seat for the horrible goings-on.There's the experiment to revive Nazi soldiers who have frozen to death by ...See full summary » Lise Cohen is taken to a special prisoner-of-war camp for female Jews, a camp run as a bordello to entertain the German officers and troops going in to battle. See full summary » Set in a Nazi "Love Camp" that services the needs of front line officers.

The video packaging claims that this film is based on fact, but the plot is so far fetched you would have a hard time believing that.Two young WAC officers go undercover as POW's in the prison camp hoping to get some information from a scientist that's being held there, before being sprung out by the French resistance.Unfortunately things go wrong with the break out and they end up overstaying their welcome and being subjected to the same indignities as the other inmates. Perhaps in any other country this would be considered taboo, but here, in Morocco, it was quite normal.Would she give into the charm and descriptions of rowess she had enjoyed during countless hours of phone ... While on a weekend away in the forests of Swaziland we have great outdoor ...) and the spiritual, such as liberating your shadow and dancing Eros.