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Only once you have dated someone several times and feel 100% confident with them should you even consider sharing any personal information.

With this in mind, please re-read any profile updates or messages you send to other members.

Some members, though, feel very self-aware and write to us saying 'I never saw myself going on dirty dates', and talking of shame or a lack of confidence. Sex is a wonderful thing, and not feeling sexy or sexually exciting is something no one should experience.

Anyone can be sexy - it's more about state of mind than looks. She was slim, had blonde hair and blue eyes, and generally got hit on everywhere went.

Don’t get sucked into browsing profiles on other sites for “free” and then paying a monthly fee.

Online dating is social media at its best, so why pay for a profile?

If you just like a dirty chat partner or someone to meet for a dirty hookup, you can find that person here. Some just sign in occasionally for a bit of excitement and a sexual partner that is easy-going and laidback.

One question that comes up often from our newer members is, 'how do I know if I'm dirty enough to use the site?

It's embarrassingly easy to slip up and disclose your personal details.

If you ever feel uneasy about another member, a profile, a picture, a discussion, an event or anything to do with the site then do not hesitate to report the issue right away.

It s worth keeping in mind that posting a picture to be higher now.