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After her 16th birthday, her foster parents moved to California.

To avoid an orphanage or a new foster home, Norma Jean decided to get married. Her difficult childhood and early failed marriage would make her a strong and resilient woman.

Today, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognizable and timeless figures, loved by many, not only for her performances in several cinema classics, but also for her elegance and style.Despite her undeniable beauty and her funny roles, she was more than a dumb blonde who so many tried to type cast her as, during her lifetime.There were twenty-five guests and the ceremony was performed by Rabbi Robert Goldberg.The writer George Axelrod made a witty speech congratulating the happy couple and adapting George Bernard Shaw to wish that their children would have Arthur’s looks and Marilyn’s brains: which was uncomfortably near the knuckle.If Marilyn were alive today, I know she’d endorse the best style secret of all: No matter the trends, loving yourself is your best bet to both inner For more great information on Marilyn Monroe’s clothes, visit The Marilyn Monroe Collection to view images of her wardrobe as sold at auction plus complementary visuals and video showing how she wore it while still alive.

It’s fascinating to see how the media swarmed Marilyn and arguably created her fame for the American public to consume, revere and love to honor for decades after her death.Marilyn Monroe melted the hearts of both American men (her sexpot looks) AND women (her stylish wardrobe) during her movie career beginning in the early ’50s and spanning more than a decade before her death in 1962.While Googling images of this Hollywood starlet is easy, knowing where to buy clothing that resembles Miss Monroe’s great outfits from her classic films isn’t.She didn’t want to draw attention to herself, but it was hard for the other students not to know that the most famous movie star in the world was in their acting class.A few blocks away, above Loew’s State Theater, at 45th and Broadway, there was the When it was her turn to do an acting exercise focusing on sense memory, Marilyn took the floor in front of a small group of students.Using screenshots from some of my favorite Marilyn movies, I found examples of vintage clothing available to buy online that resembles some of MM’s greatest looks.