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Based in Mosul, Iraq since last year, the soldiers of the 113th made heroic missions a part of their daily routine.

They located and detonated improvised explosive devices, reinforced police stations and conducted combat patrols.

It's a great place for fans to "get together" and chat about their team and fight with fans from other teams. Before the 2005 BCS title game between OU and USC, there was a lot of smack talk going down.

We can’t assume insight into a person we don’t know, whose circumstances we can’t imagine.But examining Amanda Bynes’ present condition through her career reveals a strange role reversal.Take proper precautions, have plenty of canned goods and bottled water on hand and seek shelter if needed! Now Siouxner says he is not related to Peterson, does not know the origin of the photo — thought to be taken early in the 2004 season in Norman — and said his altered version first appeared online in December 2004, a couple of weeks before the 2005 BCS title game.But rather than have the Wiz babble, we will let Siouxner tell the story:: First, you should understand the message board subculture.The first thing I noticed, even before solving for any of the clues, was the bushel of seven-letter entries in the corners, which definitely made me excited for what the fill would be in each.

For the most part, the fill in those corners delivered, and the makeup was very cosmopolitan.There’s a few sports references here was well, from the obvious NINERS entry, referring to former quarterback Joe Montana (31A: [Montana’s championship team, informally]), to the subtle one of HESS, the company founded by the former owner of the New York Jets, the late Leon Hess (10A: [Maker of green and white toy trucks]).But only one entry can make the “sports…smarter” section, and I chose, as per usual, an entry whose clue does reference sports at all.Keith Allen Miller, William Moses Milligan, Joshua Arvino Miranda, Johnny Melvin Mitchell, Rodney Dean Mitchell, Leticia Marie Montez, Lawrence Edward Nemcek II, Steven Charles Patterson, Melvin Pennington Jr., Jorge Antonio Perez, Ricky Lee Phillips, John Edward Pitt, Peter Alan Pizarek, Thomas Michael Prosser, Mark Steven Reimer, Tommy Wade Roeske, Felicia Ronay, Briggs Obrian Rumph Jr., Alvaro Eneas Saenz, Berris Fitzroy Samuels Jr., Paul Randolph Scott Jr., Richard Dean Shatto, William Michael Sideris, Loretta Silvers, Larry Smith, Leroy Smith Jr., Jeffrey Scott Springer, Henry Louis Stone, Dawn Theresa Swantko, Michael William Thomas, Samantha Nicole Thomas, Johnny A.A young actor’s fall from stardom to a pity inducing 20-something is often traced through clichés about substance abuse and theories on celebrity.America was represented with NEW YORK (45D: [Its state flower is the rose]), Austria was represented with STRAUSS (13D: [Composer famous for his waltzes]) and Italy was represented with both TRIESTE (46D: [Adriatic port]) and, my personal favorite for today, SIGNORI (12D: [A couple of Italian gentlemen]).