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However, since We Chat service account only allows 4 pieces of posts per month, opening a We Chat service account won’t serve as a lead generation tool.

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Here are the 5 platforms I am paying close attention to right now from a marketer's perspective: Anchor is an app that allows you to record and share soundbites--what they call waves--of yourself talking.I have been obsessed with the idea of "audio Twitter" for a long time.In our opinion, the biggest difference is that We Chat subscription account is more effective in building readers and followers and later converting them into customers, while We Chat service account is more aimed at servicing customers, which is particularly useful for B2C companies that want to establish an official and established company image to sell product, and offer pre-sales and post-sales services to customers (think of it like a mobile commerce platform where you can sell products and do customer service at the same time).Servicing is the starting point to develop word-of-mouth and spread to potential customers.Everyone loves a city with a secret and in Melbourne there are many.

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I wanted everyone to know as much as they could about it because my gut told me it was going to be hot.

What I'm actually doing is investing in things that I know will win in the marketplace, but haven't hit their tipping point yet.

which included key and founding members of the We Chat product and engineering teams who shared product insights and data outside of China for the first time.

The panel was moderated by connie chan, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

We Chat has grown from a chat and messaging app into China’s most impactful and engaged platform for communication, services, and payments with over 600 million monthly active users. He discussed the philosophy of the “We Chat Lifestyle” and how they’ve built features to address everyday problems for users, thereby solidifying their product’s utility in all aspects of their users’ lives.