Millionaire dating tv series

Some of the most squirm-worthy moments in dating awkwardness are often seen on reality shows. Not usually, but that sure doesn't mean we won't watch them try and try again!

Stanger founded the Beverly Hills-based "Millionaire's Club" in 2000 to cater to wealthy men looking for partners.

The premise of the series is to match single wealthy people, all claiming to be millionaires, with potential spouses.

David teased: "I have exciting things in October still in the love dating business, and it's going to be huge just can't say anything as of yet." When asked whether his former co-matchmaker Stranger really was as "blunt" in real life as she is on the show, David replied: "Yes what you see what you get, me and her got on well as I wasn't afraid of her, which she liked." Speaking about how the dating show works, David previously said: "We check them into the resort and we follow them every step of the way 'Big Brother' style.

We see everything they are doing from the first day, to the challenges we give them.

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Aired: March 29,2015 In the season finale, Patti and former New York City Housewife, Jill Zarin, team up to find a man for Dina Lohan.

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