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He ended up emailing me a few hours after I contact you!

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I’ve also had a few first dates, where the man has kept in contact after the first date via SMS or email, telling me how much he misses me etc, then arranges a second date but doesn’t confirm.

They usually come sneaking back without apology after six weeks, but by then I’ve already moved on.

Because you have many opportunities for success, everything is not measure by your interactions with a single person. If you are communicating with one person, you’re always waiting to hear from them.

If you are communicating with several people you’re often not waiting for anyone in particular.

These are some of the most popular questions I receive from readers, both men and women.

They will often send me their email communications to try to help identify where things went wrong…or if they went wrong at all.It’s a way of saying “I know you’re probably not going to write back to me, so please notice me noticing you and do the hard work for me…” If you’re interested in them, send an email already!Much like stressing about the opener, the first email is there to get them interested enough to write back.We’ve been conversing about different meaningful subjects, he asked me to talk about them, so it’s not as if I’m beating him over the head with my thoughts.And yet I think I may have overdone it as I haven’t heard from him in nearly a week, though he’s been on the site.Needless to say, it was kind of an insult even back then; nothing screams romance more than “I’m interested in you but not enough to actually to join the site.” Fortunately most sites seem to have wised up and charge a subscription fee instead, but the vestigal organ that is the “wink” hangs in there like an appendix and does nothing but cause trouble.