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RLJ Entertainment said Acorn TV, a subscription-video service specializing in British drama, mystery and other genres, more than doubled its subscriber base to over 430,000 at the end of 2016, up from 195,000 a year earlier.

Employees at no fewer than four ACORN offices have been caught on videotape advising a man and a woman on how to skirt federal law to obtain housing and operate a brothel — but you'd hardly know it if all you watch and read are the mainstream media, conservative media critics say.

"A major national scandal and none of the broadcast networks is covering it," said Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to FOX News that the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office has launched an investigation into the ACORN offices in Brooklyn. So you have to be very, very careful of what you're doing. • Video: Watch Sean's interview All right, I don't — don't take this the wrong way, it's really a compliment. There's a pattern and I think it came in with the acting and we knew what we were going into. We didn't know about them before we came up with the idea really. (CROSSTALK) BREITBART: Into the prostitution sting room.

The massive scandal involving ACORN continues to spread tonight. (CROSSTALK) O'KEEFE: She’s been working since — you just got off of work like an hour ago. (END VIDEO CLIP) HANNITY: And I'm joined now by Andrew Breitbart of Big and Hannah Giles who played the prostitute in those videos. HANNITY: All right, the latest is, you mentioned the Senate vote which I think is a big first step. ACORN, by the way, at this very moment, is on track to get more money from the stimulus, but also they've requested more money from the stimulus recently from the Commerce Department and House Republicans want an IRS audit.

in college, my one (moderately) responsible financial decision was setting up a checking account that rounded up every purchase I made to the next dollar and shuttled the extra change into a mini savings account.

When a friend from the business school suggested I'd be better off investing that money, I ignored him completely.In October, AMC Networks entered into an agreement with RLJ Entertainment under which AMC is loaning the company million and has rights to acquire up to half the company. development arm Acorn Media Enterprises, owns all rights to the hit U. mystery series “Foyle’s War” and is developing new programs based on the franchise.RLJ Entertainment, led by chairman Robert Johnson, founder of BET Networks, came together in its current form in 2012 when Johnson acquired Acorn and indie film distributor Image Entertainment. RLJE owns 64% of Agatha Christie Ltd., which manages the intellectual property and publishing rights to the mystery writer’s works.Acorns Securities, LLC is a Member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) which protects securities customers of its members up to 0,000 (including 0,000 for claims for cash).Explanatory brochures are available upon request or at org. UNIDENTIFIED ACORN EMPLOYEE: So when she comes back the next time she can wear a skirt. O'KEEFE: She just got off of work, you know what I mean? UNIDENTIFIED ACORN EMPLOYEE: You have to have — sit back and take and find another name for it. So when you come back and say these are my ideas and we may, you know, be able to identify that this sounds better. And this is repeating itself this week with the Senate voting 83-7 to de-fund the housing part of ACORN, with the — (CROSSTALK) BREITBART: The Census Bureau could not have been bigger after day two because the trap was set for them to lie, to blame the messenger. They knew that if they dropped one that they would start attacking them and impugning their motives and worked perfectly. HANNITY: Is there more — I asked you this last time and you were very coy and there was a lot more coming. BREITBART: Some would call it journalism, by the way.