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On one end, a Sierra Leone native, diamond dealer and philanthropists have huge interests in working with the G&G.

She forcefully integrates herself in the G&G by blackmailing Jake Pierce that she needs an account of 25 million or Jake risks losing his daughter.

The series follows the lives of a Los Angeles diamond traders family business called G&G Diamond after recent events where one of the patriarchs sons has killed a prominent diamond dealer, while his step-brother has to bail him out and save the family business.

The Green and Green family is however trapped between doing a clean and dirty business.

This forces Jake and Freddy Green (Jay Brother) to transport illegal diamonds over the border for a buyer who was willing to settle at an amount of 20 million.

They lose the diamonds to one of Sister Rah trusted operatives, however Isaac succumbs to the pressure in the process enters into a huge conflict with Cam Green.

To make matters worse, often the photos or videos were taken years earlier, long forgotten and long before a current marriage, relationship or employment.

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