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You may be invited to a mobility assessment by an occupational therapist to confirm if you’re eligible for a Blue Badge.Apply or renew a Blue Badge online You can also pick up a paper application form at any library in Barnet.

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The Sonoma County Probation Department accepts restitution, fine and fee payments online or by phone with a major credit card, debit card or prepaid debit card, including: The Probation Department has authorized Gov Pay Net to collect credit and debit card payments on its behalf.Gov Pay Net is a third party vendor that provides a secure portal for payment of court ordered fines, fees, and victim restitution.The National Transport Authority's (NTA) 'Bus Connects' plan aims to increase passenger numbers by 50pc to around 190 million trips a year, by offering segregated bus lanes with priority at traffic signals.Changes to the ticketing system to reduce dwell times at stops are also proposed.Alternatively, please provide proof of address in the form of a valid driving licence, a current benefit letter or a tenancy agreement.

Renewal reminders are sent out 12 weeks prior to the badge expiry date.It's the chaotic result of decriminalised parking enforcement, which began in the 1990s.Enterprising local authorities were eager to take on responsibility for policing our errant parking in return for charges and fines; as a result, they now rake in an estimated £667m a year in profits (usually described by councils as “operational surplus”) with parking the second- or third-highest revenue generator in many cities.The competitive marketplace for cashless parking has resulted in a fragmented and rather irritating experience for motorists who don't have a handy stash of pound coins; as well as the aforementioned apps, there are others such as Phoneandpay, Mi Permit and Whoosh, all promising to liberate us from the tyranny of the parking meter but ignoring the fact that we don't care who we pay: we just want to park.“Parking spaces are a commodity that people need as part of their everyday lives,” says Dan Hubert, founder of Appy Parking, an app dedicated to making sense of Britain's mind-boggling parking situation.Greater Anglia station car parks are managed by NCP Ltd who is changing its Pay by Phone supplier from Ringo to Dash, so payments via Ringo will not be available after 31 July.