Pivotal states confronting and accommodating iran

Unenthusiastically but firmly, I believe that that the United States should accept the Iranian nuclear agreement and implement it fully.I am unenthusiastic about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action because it is an imperfect agreement at best.

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Qalibaf and another conservative who also ran, Mostafa Mirsalim, joined forces with Raisi in his final days on the stump, amidst headlines proclaiming an “enormous tsunami” of popular support.

His campaign’s absurd appropriation of the (mostly secular) symbols of Iran’s vibrant youth culture hints at a comprehensive, and expensive, endeavor to generate fervent electoral momentum—or, at least, the façade of something like that.

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In his inaugural foray into soliciting popular support, Raisi has proven reasonably effective.

He is not as quick or as charismatic as his rivals in the race, but over nine hours of televised sparring in formal debates and three weeks of barnstorming the country, Raisi managed to hold his own in advancing a narrative that Rouhani’s government is an epic failure for all but the richest Iranians.

This agreement is likely to be made or broken on the battlefields of Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, not in the centrifuge halls of Natanz and Fordow.

The Deal Let me start by being candid about my thinking on the deal itself.

For that reason, I consider it imperative that the United States be ready to shape the regional environment to ensure that the JCPOA contributes to American security, rather than undermining it.

To me, that will be determined primarily by America’s behavior in the region after the JCPOA, and not by the specific terms of the deal itself.

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