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Fortunately, there are tricks like the tandem formula and sites where you can meet people to practice.

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It's like the difference between English spoken in England and English spoken in the USA Need more Portuguese?

Try the Portuguese courses at Udemy, the audio and video lessons at Portuguesepod101.com, and the Portuguese Interlinear book (with English translations below the Portuguese text) Portuguese I 1.

These Portuguese lessons were written by Olavo Germano de Sousa Neto.

If you are interested in authentic uses of language, go to Portuguese realia for photos from Portugal.

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I look forward to having some conversations so we can both improve our language skills.

I'm very basic so you would need some patience but, my English is good.

Simply subscribe to one of these communities to get in touch with people around the world who, like you, want to learn a language.

If you study English for example, you can find an English or American correspondent who wants to learn French and exchange in English (and French) with him.

Hope to hear from you :)Hi, I would like to practice my Spanish for English.