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There is no shortage of dating sites these days, but this one is particularly unique.

“I Love Black Women,” aims to pair men of all races with the black women they desire.

Launching soon, the site is described as being “inclusively for black women and those who want to date them.” Only black women can join the site but it welcomes men of all races, and cites Asian, white and Latino men, who are interested in black women.

The slideshow delves deeper into the purpose of the site, reading: “Find Asian men interested in black women” “Meet white men that are interested in black women” and finally, “Maybe find black love.” With packages at .99 per month to 9.99 per month, the site, which is riddled with misspellings, also advertises games like online speed dating, “Truth, Dare or Drink” and “Never Have I Ever” available to be played on Webcam or Chat in a later version.

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