Rupert grint and bonnie wright dating

It's quite hard to socially see everyone, so being in the same room with everybody is usually quite surreal and not that easy," Grint explained to Huff Po.

"We shared such a unique experience and such a strange childhood.

There's a lot of sexual tension, done remarkably well I might add, and humor here.

Leung starred as Harry's love-interest Cho Chang, appearing in five of the Harry Potter movies.

The 28-year-old takes the lead in new BBC2 drama One Child (tonight, 9pm, BBC2) as Mei, a young Chinese-born woman adopted by Anglo-American parents in the west.

And the award for most jaw-dropping transformation goes to...

Not only does Lewis look completely different, his career does too.

The group of criminals were thrust into the world of organised crime in which they meet gypsy fighters, international mobsters, and corrupt police officers.

According to The Huffington Post, Grint confirmed that the cast uses the Whats App chat thread to keep in touch and invite each other to premieres and events.

Maisie was no exception to this rule – no, she was such a little actress.

You know the type I mean; always over-the-top, always affected, similar to a younger Anne Hathaway, forever eager to impress and prove to the world that she was unique.

Also in attendance at the premiere were Rupert‘s co-stars Dougray Scott (with wife Claire Forlani), Lucien Laviscount, Luke Pasqualino, Phoebe Dynevor, and Tamer Hassan.

, out now, is inspired by a real London heist where some low-key hustlers ended up stealing a highly valuable piece of gold.

Once again, time on the clock was ticking away and Maisie Williams was taking an eternity to get herself ready.