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Margaret: ‘One loving parent is enough’ I am the grown-up offspring of parents who went through intense animosity on their way to separation. However I resent Irish family law for making an already nasty experience even worse by drawing it out over seven long years.The sooner separating parties can be amicable, the better it is for the children’s personal development as young adults.

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We would love to hear from you, so let us take the work out of finding your perfect partner." Just to let you know Eddie and I got engaged on Enniscrone beach on Saturday.My mother’s drinking and related behaviour was getting worse. He knew how bad she was getting, but he travelled a lot and didn’t have to deal with what we did on a daily basis: fearing for our lives as she forced us to get into the car and drove under the influence to and from sports practice; my brother walking from pub to pub to see if she was there when we could not find her. But one Saturday morning in autumn 2006, I couldn’t contain my anger towards him. But if there is a message for parents it is this: Don’t defer or shun your responsibility towards your children.On the morning of my Junior Cert, she had been drinking through the night and could hardly string a sentence together. I told my father to divorce my mother and demanded he protect us. If you have a toxic relationship that is overflowing into your children’s space, get out as quickly as possible for your children’s sake.We follow strict ethical guidelines, codes of practice and professionalism.

We draw on our personal expertise and years of dating experience to create successful matches.Settle your case if possible In almost every single case it is in the client's best interest to make a fair settlement at the earliest opportunity rather than get involved in expensive protracted court appearances.There are alternatives to court which should be considered such as mediation, collaborative law and straight forward settlement of cases.Having read our free guide you enter discussions with us better prepared and much more knowledgeable, you can and will be advised by us on the all the finer points that are unique to your case.This gives you the opportunity to reach an informed decision about your best course of action at the minimum cost possible.The man I married and I agreed to split up late last year.