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I also specialize in LGBT services such as sexual and gender identity, sexual orientation, coming out, and relationship issues.""As a clinical psychologist, College of Charleston Instructor, and Certified Sex Therapist, I have been helping clients deal with sex-related concerns for over 30 years.In a small private practice, I conduct psychotherapy with individual adults and couples.If the result is at least 15,000, you can complete the MV High Mileage Discount form and submit it online or contact any of the Auditor's office locations for a form.

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IF YOU QUALIFY FOR THESE DISCOUNTS, YOU MAY OBTAINAN APPLICATION FROM THE AUDITOR' S OFFICE ORANY CHARLESTON COUNTY SERVICE CENTER. The homeowner must have been a legal resident of South Carolina for at least one year, on or before December 31 of the year prior to the exemption, and have been approved for the 4 percent primary residence assessment ratio.

To receive the exemption, the homeowner must file an application with the County Auditor. You must have a Medicaid or Medicare card, birth certificate or driver's license if applying due to age and certification from a state or federal agency (that has the authority to make the certification) if applying because of disability or blindness.

What agencies provide oversight to your organization?

As an agency , we are accredited through a national organization, The Council on Accreditation, COA, for maintaining best practice standards.

Motor Vehicle High Mileage Discount You may appeal for a high mileage discount if your vehicle averages over 15,000 miles annually (based on the age of the vehicle).

To determine if you may qualify, divide the total mileage shown on the odometer by the age of the vehicle.

The area is supported by tourism and is known as a good place for small business.

To the northwest lie features of a typical southern city, with areas of magnolia-lined streets, older homes, and commercial buildings, mixed in with some less attractive and impoverished areas.

Besides historic sites, Charleston has some minor cultural amenities and good seafood and southern-style restaurants.

"Sexual issues, relationship problems, and traumatic experiences can be difficult to discuss.

History has left its imprint, particularly on the city center, where a large and beautifully preserved mainly residential historic district is popular with local residents and tourists, and has become more popular with wealthy “refugees” from northeastern cities.