Sex dating in bristow oklahoma

“She’s had to bring her deepest, darkest secrets out for the public to view just to try to rid this person of her life.” And that’s exactly what Danyelle did.

“She’s had to bring her deepest, darkest secrets out for the public to view just to try to rid this person of her life,” Dyer’s father, Greg Dyer, told KFOR.According to state law, however, it is perfectly legal for English to live so close to the person he was convicted of molesting.In 2004, Oklahoma man Harold English was arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his step-niece, Danyelle Dyer.Now, 13 years later, English is out of jail in Bristow, Oklahoma, and he has moved in to the property just behind the fence from Dyer, 21. - People lined a rural highway in Bristow Saturday, protesting a sex offender who moved next door to his victim.

Danyelle Dyer's uncle, Harold English, served time in prison for molesting her when she was a child. “I struggle with the emotions that it brings back and it brings back a lot of things I have put away for years that I don’t want to think about, and that I’ve kind of covered up and not spoken to many people about," said Dyer, who was protesting along with friends and family near the home where her uncle is living. I could not believe that the grandmother would let him move in, knowing what he had done to her," said friend Michele Dowdy.It’s unclear how long he had worked there or whether the involved student was in his class.The Tulsa World has reached out to Bristow Public Schools for comment.“It’s a great honor that I get to be the voice for so many men, women and children that have been abused," she said.She says her story has gone international and her family is working with state lawmakers to get a law on the books during the next session that could protect other victims.“Hopefully, not only will it change Oklahoma’s state law, but other states could possibly change their laws as well.” She says there's a problem with the system because sex offenders are banned from living near places like schools and playgrounds, but not next door to their victims.