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There are strict guidelines to for care professionals who work with people under 16.

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People who are undergoing a sex change will be allowed two cards - one in each gender.

But they will also be forced to pay twice - landing them with a £60 bill.

Using contraception allows a woman to have some control over when or if she gets pregnant, and in the UK there are 15 methods she can discuss and choose from at free and confidential clinics.

Male condoms and female (or 'internal') condoms are the only forms of contraception which help to protect against STIs as well as pregnancy because they form a physical barrier.

A person's choice of contraception may vary over time, depending on their lifestyle and circumstances.

Ontario is changing the way it displays sex and gender information on health cards and driver's licences.“Representation is so important in the strive for equality.The simple act of having two women holding hands or two men kissing on the front of a greeting card really helps to illustrate happy LGB relationships across the UK.If you've been exposed to the risk of pregnancy, you're also at risk of catching an STI.Before you make an appointment, make sure you’re as informed as possible about the contraceptive options available.The UK greeting card industry is worth an estimated £1.7 billion and keeps growing, with Britons buying an average of 31 cards per year.