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While I preferred the expansiveness of the wide-angle shots, there's some fairly obvious curvature towards the edge of the image so you'll have to pick your subjects carefully.

The camera's the star here then, but that's not to say the rest of the phone isn't a nice piece of work.

Turbo CNC is a great piece of software, if you don't want to visualize your tool paths in real time and are comfortable in DOS.

Edit your photos with film-inspired filters & professional image tools.Join a creative community with no public followers, likes or comments. has quickly emerged as the premier mobile photography app.” — The Verge“The app boasts a strong editor feature where you can crop photos, adjust lighting, fix temperature and tint, add sharpness, and more.” — Teen Vogue“VSCO is a great camera app that offers more filters, more settings, and generally a couple magnitudes more control over the look and feel of your photos.” — Wired“VSCO's suite of photo filters…This is the same trick you can find on the LG G5 flagship, although available for a more affordable price as a mid-range performance phone.Clove Technology provide the LG X Cam SIM Free and factory unlocked from the official LG UK supply chain.The CNC control software then reads the G-code and turns it into motion to drive your machine.

The Creators Community The best app to edit & share photography.

Couple the availability of low/no cost CNC control software, low-cost integrated circuitry, and the tons of high-end hardware now found on e Bay: and for the first time in history, CNC is attainable to the hobby market.

We prefer EMC2 on Linux and Ubuntu, but there are others available for those who are shy. Mach3 has a HUGE support group and bypasses some of the timing issues of the Windows environment.

The AXIS Graphical User Interface is second to none (IMHO).

The experts out there may disagree, but if you had to be an expert to do this..

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