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When you have earned your private pilot glider certificate, you'll find the best is yet to come.

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The would go toward Farm Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to family farmers.

In the end, the company scuttled its acquisition plans, says Frank Nagle, senior consultant at MANDIANT, an Alexandria, Va.-based information security firm that investigated the case.

The attack, which happened two years ago, is a stark example of the kind of social engineering techniques being used against companies today.

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If cumulus clouds are present, the pilot assesses them constantly, looking for growing young clouds that have a high probability of providing rapid climb. the rhythm of the flight develops as the cross-country adventure unfolds. For flights of any significant distance, pilots may enlist the support of a one or two-person ground crew, whose job it is to see that the pilot is retrieved at the end of the flight (if the pilot does not return to the home gliderport).