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My topping has some lovely crushed nuts and flaked almonds for extra texture, but a plain crumble of flour, sugar and butter is really good too.

My rhubarb fool is lovely layers of rhubarb compote and a mascarpone and yogurt cream, sweetened with some vanilla extract.

Or pick up an album of some flute band only you had heard of.

Or a gospel singer dedicated to his cause, never mind the quality of his voice, in Billy Mc Burney’s original Premier Record Shop?

My picture shows the Premier — boasting in chalk above the door of “Select Irish and Scotch Records” — and the entrance to that market which one night in the early ’70s went up in flames, never to be replaced in that form that had existed for nearly 100 years.

Smithfield was the kind of place you went to shelter from the rain on a winter day — a bit like the shop in Last of the Summer Wine.

When searching, simply set the maximum distance you are willing to travel to an event and results will be restricted to local venues.

If no location is set, results will not give an indication of distance but venue postcodes and maps will still be available.Searching for a refreshing and inspirational location for your next conference, corporate meeting, exhibition, gala dinner or a one-off social event or incentive, look no further than Ireland’s Blue Book?Remember the famous old Smithfield Market where you could turn back the clock and find books you thought were long out of print?The hardest thing about Internet dating can often be the decision to give it a go in the first place.And while it may seem daunting to put together a personal profile that others will read, it really is just a case of being clear, concise and positive.The wide array of cafes along the street boasts delicious food as well as chic atmosphere.