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Make sure you have the columns in Excel in the same order as the table you created. ( Delimiter is available in Menu Tools , Options, Import/Export) 4.

So, for a table with 5 columns the values command would look like: values (?

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Do not crowd code or remove natural language spaces.

It is certainly more succinct where Celko’s book contains anecdotes and reasoning behind each rule as thoughtful prose.

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A column name is required only when a column is derived from an arithmetic expression, a function, or a constant; when two or more columns may otherwise have the same name, typically because of a join; or when a column in a view is specified a name different from that of the column from which it is derived.

Column names can also be assigned in the SELECT statement.

Appropriate permissions are required to select from the objects referenced in the SELECT clause of the view that is created.

A view does not have to be a simple subset of the rows and columns of one particular table.

' as a Place-Holder for all the columns in your Source File.

Remove the header rows from the Excel file and Save the file as comma delimited file from Excel (CSV File). From Teradata SQL Assistant, click 'File', then 'Import Data'.

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