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We don’t need to tell you what you don’t already know about Periscope and what everybody else calls its ‘potential’. Take up since its launch has been high and it has captured the imagination.

Live, unfiltered streaming from all corners of Twitter.

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As USA Today said when reporting on the sex worker boom in Silicon Valley last July: “Technology and sex make good bed partners.” Obviously it’s not just in the labs where this stuff goes down well.

And they are.” As sure as clothes go on they must come off – The Laws of Nude Physics.

This website (the “Site”), contains and displays sexually explicit content, including but not limited to: images, videos, sounds, text, and links, (the “Content”).

The Milwaukee Police have started an investigation into the matter and they have asked Facebook to provide information about the live stream as well as information about one participant in particular.

The police want all of the information that Facebook has on the 14-year-old girl, including but not limited to status history, pictures and videos, name, email, IP address and more.

The Valley and all those who sail in it are up to their eyes in sex, cheap or otherwise.

Awash with cash and short of places to go and things to buy, they turn to the sex biz to sate their cravings.

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We’re not exactly dealing with prudes yet time and again internet companies, banks and payment processors – surely the most decadent and loose of them all – roll up the drawbridge when it comes to fucking, nudity, money and any combination of the three therein.