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Of all the contacts between Chiron and the inner planets in synastry, the one between Chiron Moon is the saddest, yet at the same time the most romantic.

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And the Moon does this wordlessly, without logic or analysis, through feeling and instinct alone.In essence, it represents the height and purpose of romantic partnership: I feel, I merge and die, I am at one with the universe.If Venus is aspected by Mars; you’ll also find plenty of opportunities.The ruler of your ascendant is in the house of romance or marriage; you’ll have major love karma in this life.Is it true any aspect between two charts in synastry is better than no aspect at all?

Here are two examples: for the knowledgable ones, which synastry would play out more positively?Venus is sextile or trine Neptune; you may your soul mate in this life time.Yet if it’s afflicted, you may have a difficult time finding them.However if it’s by square or opposition; expect much friction and trouble.Venus is well aspected by other planets; you can expect good love karma.How can you truly open up and experience the deep transformation waiting there for you in your 8th house if you are on guard against psychic invasion?