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Earlier today (Monday, 11th July), Sports Seoul, a South Korea media outlet, reported that Minhyuk and actress Jung Hye Sung were allegedly in a relationship.

However, FNC Entertainment, home to both celebrities, has slammed the rumours even before it gained traction.

Name: 육성재 / Yook Sung Jae Profession: Singer, Actor Birthdate: 1995-May-02 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 180 cm Weight: 68kg Education: Seowon Elementary School, Seowon Middle School, Hanlim Multi Art School KPOP group: Bto B, Big Byung (빅병) Talent agency: Cube Entertainment TV Series Goblin (tv N, 2016) The Village: Achiara’s Secret (SBS, 2015) School 2015: Who Are You?I’m so glad I cover dating and weddings in my blog otherwise I seriously can’t even remember who got married with so many nuptials in recent months. Sung Yuri had been dating Ahn Sung Hyun for a few years but their wedding really came as a surprise simply because they didn’t announce it but it’s certainly suitable timing for the late 30’s couple to settle down. He has final authority over the interpretation of the state ideology and incorporated the Songun (army-first) policy into the Juche philosophy in 1996.In its theoretical composition, the Juche Idea is an amalgam of Neo-Confucianism, Soviet Stalinism, and Maoism.Hangul Hanza known in the world of acting as Sung Kang is a Korean-American actor and producer born on 8 April 1972.

He is best known for famous Fast And Furious franchise as Han Lue.

The reports stated that Minhyuk and Hye Sung are FNC Entertainment’s 1st inter-company couple, citing photos of their cats and flower arrangements as “evidences”.

Sports Seoul also cited an acquaintance of both artistes, who said, “ Minhyuk and Hye Sung debuted in 2009, with the former breaking into the music scene with English album “Now or Never” with his band CNBLUE and the latter acting in the highly-acclaimed TV drama “Friend, Our Legend”.: Sung Kang uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors)." Information can be remixed or replaced at any time in future edits to better suit the MOS of the The Fast and the Furious Wiki.

Juche theory is a type of Marxism ideology, but it is built upon the deification and mystification of Kim Il-sung (1912-1994).

Its religious or pseudo-religious characteristics distinguish Juche ideology from all other forms of Marxism, including Marx-Leninism of the former Soviet Union, European Neo-Marxism, Maoism, and even Stalinism.

Though his parents are Korean Immigrants to The States, actor Sung Kang is a Gainesville, Georgia born.