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Our dating analyses reveal that although retrogenes were produced ever since the common mammalian ancestor, selectively driven retrogene export from the X only started later, on the placental mammal (eutherian) and marsupial (metatherian) lineages, respectively.

Together, these observations suggest that chromosome-wide MSCI emerged close to the eutherian–marsupial split approximately 180 million years ago.

We do not claim anything here as fact, only generally accepted knowledge and speculation in the community.

There is no central authority on the subject of therianthropy, everything known on the subject to date, amounts to views and opinions of the people experiencing it.

It was shown that X-linked genes have generated duplicate intronless gene copies (retrogenes) on autosomes due to this differentiation.

However, the precise driving forces for this out-of-X gene “movement” and its evolutionary onset are not known.

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I've only discovered it when I was very, very close to someone, to the point where they started trusting me with their shameful secrets.Based on expression analyses of male germ-cell populations, we here substantiate and extend the hypothesis that autosomal retrogenes functionally compensate for the silencing of their X-linked housekeeping parental genes during, but also after, male meiotic sex chromosome inactivation (MSCI).Thus, sexually antagonistic forces have not played a major role for the selective fixation of X-derived gene copies in mammals.The only thing that would have me questioning the decision to take this guy up would be if I already had a level 20 Staraptor. That being said, it's a pretty fun challenge, as I try balancing when to keep a combo going and when to stop and set up a 5-match for Angry P.But I don't yet -- and as things stand I often take Lugia and/or Shiny Rayquaza on Flying teams when I'm using M-Salamence, just because I have no other better options to use along with Braviary. I'm losing and coming close to losing more often than I'd like. The disruption timer makes it a bit tricky, I had a lot of losses early on because my 5 match was getting eaten by disruptions. It has been an expensive grind, and I feel it's entirely due to my Angry Pikachu being only level 9 when I started. Glalie though, because I never use the mega outside of gimmick stages like this.I usually engage the person in a philosophical conversation (that's a pretty normal topic with me and it doesn't arrouse any suspicions).