Trend client server security agent not updating

Whether you’re using a Windows-based PC or a Mac, safeguards your email, web activity, file sharing, and more.

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This means that the software is not installed locally, on your server, but in Trend Micro's data centres.

This makes is extremely easy for you because we do the maintenance, while there is nothing for you to do and you save money on IT staff.

The other two items are: Trend Micro Office Scan is currently licensed for UGA-owned computers.

Our license allows for IT departments to set up their own Office Scan servers if they so desire, and to enable additional features that may not be installed by default in the campus-wide service.

It stops threats before they can even reach your business.

It was developed specifically for small business people, easy enough for a non-IT person to use.Trend Micro's security software reliably blocks threats originating from USB devices. Cybercriminals who want to access your company's data via wireless networks are unable to spy on your computers.You specify which websites your employees can access.The Agent provides real-time, scheduled, and manual threat scanning capabilities along with other protection.Trend Micro Worry-Free™ Business Security Services (WFBS-SVC) for small offices protects multiple PCs and notebooks located in or out of the office from viruses and other threats from the Web. Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent is a program developed by Trend Micro.Trend Micro takes care of your IT security so you can focus on growing your business.