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As a class, come up with a series of questions that might be asked about any prior civilization and that students should be able to answer through research into the work of modern archaeologists.Such questions might include the following: Make sure students use up-to-date references.The material came from a load dredged by the CEMEX vessel Sand Falcon from licence area 360 off Great Yarmouth in February 2006.

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Forensic archaeologists can date items found in grave sites, including bones, using a range of techniques.

Carbon dating can determine whether the grave site is recent or ancient.

The struck flint was identified as man made by Matt Leivers, a flint specialist here at Wessex Archaeology.

The nature of the recovery of the remains means that it is not possible to guarantee that all the items are contemporary.

A forensic archaeologist’s first involvement may be to help the police locate the site where a body and victim’s personal items, or stolen goods are buried, through geological and geophysical surveying techniques, as well as using imaging and photography.

The forensic archaeologist may also help with the excavation, using similar tools and expertise to those used at an archaeological dig.

Local information about the archaeology of North Yorkshire can be found in the historic environment record, which records information about historic sites and monuments.

We cover the area of North Yorkshire outside the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks. The record can be viewed online via the Students and researchers can investigate the background and significance of local and regional history through the local collections of North Yorkshire libraries.

However, the presence of reworked fragments of peat is certainly suggestive that the material has eroded out of a peat layer.

If we assume that the material is broadly contemporary then a submerged terrestrial land surface, probably of early Mesolithic date (c.

Archaeology and anthropology are the study of historic human remains and the objects, buildings and other artefacts associated with them.