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Adobe Flash Player was voorheen ook beschikbaar voor Android. De actieve ontwikkeling van de NPAPI-plugin werd voor Linux in 2012 stopgezet, maar in 2016 werd deze beslissing teruggedraaid.

De laatst uitgebrachte versie voor Linux bleef bijgevolg lang op versie 11.2.

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Please see here for some basic trouble shooting of Flash under firefox. It isn't just browser-based Flash, its also affects all other applications that use Flash. It stays like this for a while: =141434972&filters[recent]=1&filters[public Only]=1&sort=1&o=0] What other applications use flash.Overview of the background updater design A full technical description of the new background updater design is available on Dev Net, but here are the highlights: After a successful installation of Adobe Flash Player 11.2, users will be presented with a dialog box to choose an update method.The following three update options are available to users: For our initial release, we have set the new background updater to check for updates once an hour until it gets a response from Adobe.Yesterday, Adobe released security bulletin , Windows RT, and for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1, Windows Technical Preview, and Windows Server Technical Preview.

The update addresses the vulnerabilities described in Adobe Security bulletin APSB15-06.

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Please ensure you run the installer as an admin and also make sure it is not running from a network drive since that cases all kinds of issues. It has always been mostly a browser plugin as far as I know.

Peleus here with the second major 2012 security announcement for Flash Player.

when I click X at the top right, it doesn't close and I have to close it via Task Manager. Firefox should be able to instal flash as a standalone.