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This example shows how to display a column of Check Box controls in a List View control that uses a Grid View.To create a column that contains Check Box controls in a List View, create a Data Template that contains a Check Box.

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The example binds the Is Checked property of the Check Box to the Is Selected property value of the List View Item that contains it.

Therefore, when the List View Item that contains the Check Box is selected, the Check Box is checked.

In this cases we need to use Check Box Control within the Grid View.

That’s why in this article I will explain “How we can use Check Box Control in Grid View to Update Status in Data Base“. Value) Dim s Query As String = "UPDATE Report SET Status = @Status WHERE ID = @ID" Dim cons String As String = Configuration Manager. Connection String Using conn As New Sql Connection(cons String) Dim com As New Sql Command(s Query, conn) com.

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Then set the Cell Template of a Grid View Column to the Data Template.

The following example shows a Data Template that contains a Check Box.

NET Putting updateable controls in the Item Template in a Grid View gives developers what they want: the ability for users to change more than one row at a time. By default, in a Grid View users can only put one row at a time into edit mode. While this is possible, it's not in the "natural" design of the Grid View.

When users are updating multiple rows they get saddled with a very repetitious workflow: Click the Edit button for the first row... The trick is to populate the Item Template -- normally reserved for displaying data -- with controls that allow the user to enter data.

All the developer wanted to do was give the user the ability to work down one column in the Grid View that contained a Radio Button List, checking off a choice in each row.