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My family has been using Chrome Cast to send You Tube videos to the TV.

Five minutes go by and you think OK this is taking a bit longer than I thought… ”) If you have turned it off, then at least do the points below first and then turn it back on Don’t bother closing the NAS Admin web page this won’t help when you log in …. So do these: In my case the PC was connected to my internet router, after doing items 1 and 2 above, the little cog was still turning on Step 2/6, I disconnected the CAT5 network lead from my router an plugged in to the same hub that the LS220D NAS unit was attached to – BINGO!ten minutes go by and you think well, this really should have progressed a bit… At twenty five minutes the panic really hits, still, we are not going to get too worried but we consider shutting down the NAS…At forty seven minutes visions of owning a data-free black “Brick” swim in your fevered nerve induced panic brain. The update process almost immediately progressed to Step 3/6 (to the sound of the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing “Hallelujah! The whole process then completed in a further 7 minutes.Funny enough, Synology also ships a Plex server package. It was a simple and immediate solution to make the TV usable again without needing to run any cables or install a shelf outside toddler reach.Before this, we spent several months with the TV completely unplugged after we dismantled the entertainment center and mounted the TV to the wall as part of making our living room child-resistant.This report examines potential approaches for a comprehensive update to the current methodology for estimating the social cost of carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) for U. As required by executive orders and a court ruling, government agencies use the SC-CO2 when analyzing the impacts of various regulations. The Phase 1 report examined the advantages and challenges of potential approaches to a near-term narrow update to the SC-CO2.

The SC-CO2 is an estimate, in dollars, of the net damages incurred by society from a 1 metric ton increase in carbon dioxide emissions in a given year.

By clicking this link you’ll be taken through to the Iomega site where you can then navigate to the ‘Support’ section and download any required firmware revision.

The following is a list of the recent firmware updates available along with a description of the main enhancements and fixes for each.

Updating Firmware on Buffalo LS220D NAS stuck at “ Step 2/6 “ – READ THIS FIRST!

Had to write a short post on the issues I had updating the firmware of the Buffalo LS220 series Network Attached Storage device.

Either visit the ‘Support’ section of the Iomega web site here and select your model of Iomega NAS device or click on the ‘Settings’ tab and then on the ‘Update’ icon (below).