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There has to be a quicker way to refresh the table structure when using Crystal Reports. Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP Powered by php BB © php BB Group Generated in 0.0419 seconds using 17 queries.

Currently whenever a table is updated and I need to view or bring in the new columns I have to remove the table from the connection(Oracle) then bring it back in.

I would : 1) leave your command object SQL unchanged & get the issue worked out with the _System table, then 2) ensure that you are able to establish a join between the command object fields and the _System table fields, and lastly 3) then remap the fields. Hence, crystal now know of a field called DLRName, but does not know of a field called Company Name, hence it cannot make the association between DLRName in the old source, and Company Name in the new source... However..would list all unmatched fields that are on the report, and all unused fields in the recognized data sources, and allow you to specify the matches yourself.

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In the application that Im currently working the reports are designed in CR 2008 and connects to the SQL stored procs. There is some database restructuring being done and in the tables which are referenced by the stored procs, datatype is being converted from varchar to nvarchar(max). no change is being made to the stored proc output parameters/resultset datatypes I need to update the stored proc with a new field that has been added to it.

But while doing verify database/set datasource location, all the fields of the stored proc are shown as unmapped.

If I hit OK without mapping, all of the unmapped fields on the report are deleted (suffice it to say... I am trying to separate it out from the command without having to manually re-add all the report objects. If so.clean solution is to create a subreport, embed that into the header.

I was not expecting this :( ) I have tried adding links between the command and the new table, and refreshing report parameters, but these have had no effect. The subreport will read from the _System table..the main report will populate the details section from the command object.

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I noticed that if I now add the required stored proc on a new report all the fileds are added as Memo fields.

Wheareas, the fields from the existing stored procs in the legacy reports are shown as String(4000). is memo or nvarchar not compatible with string in crystal for while updating the stored proc ? If not then how can I manage to execute the report without updating the stored proc ?

Againg I generaed the .xsd, but the new field is not displayed database field of field explorer of crystal report.