Updating sarge to etch bret and ambre still dating

The "normal" repositories for these old versions do not exist anymore, which means you cannot install new software or update existing packages using apt.This tutorial shows how you can modify your to still get packages for your old Debian version using apt.Here's the contents of the current list: deb etch ndn deb etch ksplice deb main non-free contrib deb etch-backports main deb etch/volatile main contrib non-free deb etch/updates main deb etch main I had to actually follow the steps above to clear the errors.

Ik thinks you better use the folder /etc/apt/d/ for adding a file like in this and put everything for etch in it. debian-backports.listdebian-updates.listtesting.listunstable.listeach contains its ow lines which you can enable or using multiple version ( like stable/testing/unstable) you need to be in controlwhich version is installed. ( same for the sources files ) you can read more about pinning here : Preferences in above example only stable is installed, but if needed i can pull file of every tree.

Debian Lenny’s release is getting closer and closer and many people will want to upgrade their Etch servers to Lenny.

If you aren’t running a Xen Server instance, then I would suggest following the official guide yourself to prevent anything bad from happening (Debian Etch Upgrade Guide). That is all I needed to do to upgrade my Xen Server 3.2.0 Debian Sarge instance to Debian Etch.

My instance that I used for this installation was a fresh install of the Sarge image, so I won’t be going into any special circumstances that may need to be addressed by those who have installed a whole load of extras. Choose a Mirror Go to Debian Mirror List and select a mirror. I am not saying these simplified steps will work for everyone, but for those few that have the same type of setup as we do, these instructions should simplify the upgrade process.

If you are running Xen Server 3.2.0, then you have a built in Debian Sarge image.

If you happen to want to upgrade an instance to Debian Etch (the latest stable build as of February 1, 2008), you should follow these steps.

This can result in wrongfully performing the upgrade while you don’t want to do this or even upgrade by mistake.

We would always recommend people to use the release name (like etch, lenny) instead of generic names (like stable, testing); this way you will have the control on when you want to upgrade.

It took me like an hour to go through all the respective man pages.

Also FYI, the mans where far more helpful than Google.

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