Updating toyota prius gps

The road network of Europe and Russia is changing approximately 15% every year.

Therefore it is very important to have the latest available maps in your Toyota Navigation System.

It’s not just hybrids that benefit from the first seven tips – these will help to improve any car’s fuel efficiency: 1. Keeping the boot free of unnecessary weight will give your car and immediate boost in performance and economy. Check your tyre pressures – dig out your owner’s manual, and do a weekly check to ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated in line with Toyota’s recommendation. Think ahead – by planning your journeys, you can avoid traffic jams and minimise the likelihood of getting lost.

Spend some time on the highway before committing to the new Camry XSE, as its more stylish 18-inch wheels force a bigger compromise in ride quality than you might be willing to make.

WIRELESS CHARGING The new Camry is the first midsize sedan to offer available wireless charging for cell phones.

The Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car in the country for more than a decade, but if you exclude sales to rental car agencies and such, the title goes to the more stylish and lively Honda Accord.

Even Camry buyers have expressed a taste for something a little edgier, with almost half opting for the sportier-themed Camry SE.

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Most vehicles are subject to reconditioning fees and costs for dealer installed accessories.We’ve gathered a number of hybrid driving hints and tips that will help you to get the best from the Hybrid Synergy Drive system, improving fuel consumption and getting you further for less! Our full range of Toyota hybrids currently includes: New Yaris Hybrid Auris Hybrid Auris Hybrid Touring Sports Prius Seven-seat Prius Prius Plug-in Whichever Toyota hybrid you’ve set your heart on, the following tips and pointers will maximise the range and fuel economy of your Toyota. Closing the windows and sun roof at speeds above 45mph will reduce drag, reducing fuel consumption. Remove unused roof racks, boxes and bike racks – they’re a real drag too! Steady as she goes – maintain a steady speed and don’t go over the speed limit. Australia's a big country though and with changes happening all the time, occasionally we might miss something. If you spot an error on one of our maps, or think we've left something out, we want to know – don’t be shy.The 2017 Toyota RAV4 is the latest in a long line of compact crossover SUVs to grace the automaker's showrooms.That is why it is important to have the latest available maps in your Toyota Navigation System.