Vaadin table not updating

You can easily implement editing of the table data, for example clicking on a cell could change it to a text field for editing. This makes it possible to bind a table directly to a data source, such as a database query.

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the refresh will not call the get Posts method to redraw, it will simple refresh to view from the current store models. The get View().refresh(true); should be called after the store is updated. When you call the "save Work( )", you are modifying the bean in the store right? List Iterator; import com.e Pasa2.client.interfaces. Student Service; import com.e Pasa2.client.interfaces. Student Service Async; import com.e Pasa2.client.interfaces. View Assessment Service; import com.e Pasa2.client.interfaces. View Assessment Service Async; import com.e Pasa2.client.beans. That means the listener does not react immediately after the resize but a random time later.Following this approach I found out, that it is necessary to enable the immediate refresh capability after every event using the following function: public void set Immediate(boolean immediate) Sets the component's immediate mode to the specified status.I was extending the Tree Table to include the generation of some custom svg components.

One of the last steps was to make the table react to resize events triggered from the ‘resize hook’ in the column header. Selection Changed Event; import com.ui.client.event. Border Layout Data; import com.ui.client.widget.layout. Parameters: immediate - the boolean value specifying if the component should be in the immediate mode after the call. I have a problem updating the grid, I tried the other suggestions in other threads like get View().refresh() or reconfigure but it doesn't work. (This default has no meaning in the usual case, such as below, where we add items after defining the properties.) is relatively heavy and can cause scalability problems, for example, when updating the values.