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The first difference between DTD and XML Schema, is namespace awareness; XML Schema is, while DTD is not.

Namespace awareness removes the ambiguity that can result in having certain elements and attributes from multiple XML vocabularies, by giving them namespaces that put the element or attribute into context.

In the code example that follows, a schema-validating Xml Reader validates the XML data loaded into the DOM. Schema Class Xml Document Validation Example Shared Sub Main() Try ' Create a schema validating Xml Reader. Validation Event Handler, New Validation Event Handler(Address Of Validation Event Handler) settings. Select Single Node("/bk:bookstore/bk:book/bk:price", manager) Console.

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The list below is provided only if you actually need to declare a doctype for these types of documents. W3C liability, trademark, document use and software licensing rules apply.

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This only applies if you want to validate a document built with the API, not with a document loaded from an xml file or stream.

A note for people trying to validate complex schemas with PHP.

Old error message: Warning: DOMDocument::schema Validate() [function.schema Validate]: Element 'child_integer': 'Error condition.' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:integer'.

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Use the following markup as a template to create a new HTML document using a proper Doctype declaration. Beyond the specificities of (X)HTML processing, Doctype declarations in XML languages are only useful to declare named entities and to facilitate the validation of documents based on DTDs.

This means that in many XML languages, doctype declarations are not necessarily useful.

When authoring document is HTML or XHTML, it is important to Add a Doctype declaration.

This makes sure the document will be parsed the same way by different browsers.

Error 1824: Element 'child_integer': 'Error condition.' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:integer'.