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Weeds can cause economic losses, damage to native vegetation, injuries, a dermatitis, hay fever, or be unsightly or be poisonous.

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Since my formal retirement in 1987, from what is now called Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, I have continued to work as an (unpaid) honorary research associate. Cavers and I initiated The Biology of Canadian Weeds series in The Canadian Journal of Plant Science. Now after nearly three-quarters of a century of studying weeds, I am putting together some of my thoughts about the biology of these interesting plants.

During my career, I have published scientific papers, bulletins, manuals, and books, and have established several web-sites. Weeds are the most prominent plants of the settled areas of the northern United States and Canada.This is a true story told to me by the lady described in the story.She is still married and her husband does not know any of this and probably never will. Staying out drinking until 2am in the morning with a bunch of twenty somethings was not her usual night out.They grow all around us, and affect us in many different ways.They are the plants that humans, for a number of quite different reasons, consider undesirable.Our pill identification tool will display pictures that you can compare to your pill.