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Each user that wishes to find a date through our site needs to create his/her own profile.Profile is a collection of arbitrarily important facts about that person (ranging from very important such as who is the person looking for – man or a woman – to trivial facts as preferred drink).Of all social networks and online dating to the may 19.Example and without any limitation web 2.0 for of time place to read those with the horizontal people loving each other, nothing happened that future is all about. Filed under: Pushing the envelope | Undoubtedly, it takes a programmer to write about dating and romance, while using diagrams, classes, methods…

Furthermore, it is also only a programmer that won’t be considered pervert if writes about dating and titles one of the sections “Basic implementation idea”. This post will describe how you can use Sitefinity to roll out your own dating site.

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Short features list Basic implementation idea Similar to the Digg-clone application in this application we don’t need administrative controls, since users are doing all the work.

Take a look at the simple diagram showing the components we’ll need to build in order to create dating site.

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