What happened to funky sexy cool chat

It's stacked with expert advice from locals on what to eat, where to drink, and what to do in the Greatest City on Earth.

Hopsin has released four studio albums, Gazing at the Moonlight through Ruthless Records, Raw, Knock Madness and Pound Syndrome along with the collaborative project Haywire (with Swiz Zz) through Funk Volume.

He is well known for his use of white colored eye contacts in music videos, performances, and interviews.

Jay Z was at the Super Bowl supporting wife Beyoncé, who stole the Halftime Show from headliner Coldplay with a powerful performance of her new song, “Formation.” She and fellow guest Bruno Mars also performed the latter’s smash hit “Uptown Funk.” Queen Bey also announced her world tour — supporting her upcoming sixth album — immediately following her performance.

Haughton phone call] I been checkin' on your moms and dad (uh) And your brother since the day you left (left) Passed on and went away with God (uh) But for your momma its been so damn hard I hate to even hear her cry (cry) Aaliyah she asked me why (why) Would her baby girl go this way (oh) Can you give me better words to say [Hook] Come one day she'll see you again With the same ol' beatiful smile Long hair and the voice of a hummin' bird You'll be singing them same ol' songs Aaliyah can you hear me I hope that you're proud of me Me and Tim we been doin' our thing But its never been the same since you had to go I ain't never met a friend more incredible Ohhh...

We got an amazing response and have now wrapped up this tagline clinic. When people arrive at your website, they’re looking for instant guidance.

They want to know what you’re about, and if you can help with whatever they’re looking for. It’s an up-front statement that encapsulates and delivers your big-picture promise – and it’s got to hit the mark with your target audience in seconds.Then, people like Roberta, James, Sonia, Jon, and yours truly will provide guidance and suggestions.We’ll even write your actual tagline for you should the proper inspiration hit. So if you want help with your tagline, get started by telling us in the comments!If you think you could make a better filter than the professionals, there's an app for that too.(*We could have just Googled the lyrics too but that's more effort, isn't it? We hope y'all are just as excited as we are, because we’re ready to bring you a little taste of our Texas based heat. If you’re here that you means you don’t hate disco and funk, which automatically makes us friends. Without further ado, put on your dancing shoes, polish up that disco ball, and meet us on the dance floor. “Doo Do Doo” - Yung Bae featuring Alexander Lewis & Flamingosis This has to be one of the catchier pure disco songs on this list.A few hours of stumbling around Soundcloud and we found this lovely remix of Gayle Adams "Emergency." Some serious vocals and pure disco heat in this one.