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Dating gurus will often give you a set of dating rules to follow to get your soulmate.

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You put on a mask to appear strong and self-sufficient.

But these books and the advice they offer are correct. What they neglect to tell you, because they're unaware of the science of love, is that they will make you only attractive to a very specific kind of person; a person who is emotionally unavailable.

You're behaving in inauthentic ways that are not true to your needs and feelings.

You're manipulating someone to fall in love with a fake person.

Let’s go through some common mixed signals and see if you can relate: 1.

Not responding to texts right away means they are no longer interested, or that something went horribly wrong.

Debt-aside, respondents weren’t overly hung up on money.

Only 11.3% said they look for graduate degrees on online dating profiles.

So-Fi surveyed 2,000 Millennials to learn more about how they think about debt in the context of their love lives and here’s what they found out: At least for 20.9% of respondents, which isn’t a majority but it beat being cheap (16.6%), having a dead-end job (16.4%), being divorced (14.5%), and even being a bad dresser (10.2%).

Apparently, the only thing worse than harboring a lot of debt is being a workaholic (21.4%).

Those bullshit dating rules go something like this: All of these messages teach us that independence is the way to preserve our dignity and gain our partner's respect.