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It doesn't need to be Throwback Thursday (even though it is) to enjoy these jams.

Even though they're real, their chemistry is unreal.

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3 on the Billboard 200 chart and launched the career of the rugged rapper with a grizzly voice.Musician and actor Ja Rule was born Jeffrey Atkins on February 26, 1976, in Queens, New York.On the brink of her thirtieth birthday, her latest film hits theaters October 18th and costars Ja Rule.Read on to find out how Adrienne felt about playing Ja Rules love interest and how she’s taking charge of her personal life. You and all of your cohosts have very strong and distinct personalities. You can see that naturally we have great chemistry we really enjoy each others company. Absolutely not, but I think that’s what makes the show interesting, is that there’s different point of views.I actually just kept my relationship away from everybody.

Ja Rule followed that success with several hit singles, including "Always on Time" featuring Ashanti and "Put It On Me." He has also faced legal troubles throughout his career, having received prison sentences for gun and tax-evasion charges.Adrienne shared advice on dating and how she’s learning from mistakes made in previous relationships.She keeps it real and her confidence in who she is reflects in her genuine spirit.Considering it's another light-hearted jam set at a chill get-together, this one also gets super-romantic.Lopez and Ja Rule's music videos are modern day love stories told by people in the best fashion 20 gave us.Nevertheless, he was also very concerned with the tough street life and tried to pay more attention to it by fighting the negative social influences of the street through his L.