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His second album Street Love, was released on March 13, 2007.

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I just pray to God that he gets me up out of here, I ain't tryna lose my family. He one of Luther's workers and watching out to make sure nothing happens to me up in here.

I went to the visiting room and saw Jas holding a baby and Ant was with her.

Get into a relationship with a second-year architecture student, and it's pretty much expected that you'll end up hearing a LOT about Frank Lloyd Wright--his design philosophy, his work history, even some little gossipy snippets about his rather sketchy dating life. When Wright and the de-Cheneyfied Borthwick returned to the states, they left Wright's old digs in Chicago behind and moved to rural Wisconsin, near Wright's maternal family.

There, they lived happily in sin (Wright's ex not being willing to grant a divorce) in a house that Wright meant to embody everything that was good about his architectural style. Wright was off at work and Borthwick was dining with her two children from her previous marriage and several of the Taliesin staff.

As they ate, another staff member named Julian Carleton locked them in, poured kerosene around the house and lit a match.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Lloyd lives a good life, works to take care of his son Anthony, and his girlfriend, Jasmine, who he is trying to do right by. "Come on." The Officer pulled me out the court as I watched Jas break down crying. " My cellmate Troy asked me referring to a fight that happened in the yard.

One costly mistakes costs him the important things in his life. Lloyd It's been 6 months since I been in here. Jas stopped by yesterday and being up in here is making me miss them like crazy. "The guards came in and took them somewhere." I said as we cleaned the hall way floors. You have a visitor." Jerome, one of the guards said.

She due any minute and I might not be able to see the birth of my child. Polite ' Not Guilty' of the murder of Ricky Wilson, but of being a witness, we find him guilty of manslaughter your honor." One of the members of the jury said. "Aight." Jerome one of those guards that let you know what's up.

In 2004, Lloyd released his solo debut single "Southside", the title-track of his debut album, Southside.

The single features Ashanti, and it quickly charted on the US Billboard Hot 100, and became a Top 40 hit.

Most recently, he was featured on Childish Gambino's 2013 album Because The Internet, on the cut "III. ('Oakland' by Lloyd)", having released a big single with Juicy J earlier titled "Twerk Off".