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Barbara Walters never made her the moderator for a reason".' Hostin - a former CNN legal analyst - was a popular guest host all last year on The View and joined the talk show as a full time contributor this season.

She's been on the show at least two dozen times since the new season began.

'She blames this person for trying to turn The View into Good Morning America with the rotating hosts and contributors and doesn't want that exec involved in the show any more,' the source revealed.

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'So she wants to be an executive producer of the show so that she has a seat at the decision-making table and can have more control over the things going on,' continued the source.In February 2016, Daily reported that the 61-year-old talent signed a one-year deal for season 20 and had her salary slashed from million annual to million.A source says that Goldberg doesn't like that The View producers defer to Hostin on issues pertaining to the African American community and resents the fact that the show's research says black viewers don't identify with her. Everyone - including Whoopi and Joy - is having a great time and it shows on air and it shows in the ratings.'A show source tells Daily Mail.com: 'It's common knowledge that African American viewers of the show respect Whoopi, but her point of view doesn't connect with them. That's the multi-million dollar question at The View right now regarding the show's moderator Whoopi Goldberg.“It’s a gross, disgusting comment.” co-host Candace Cameron Bure said.

“It’s dishonorable to our veterans.” Joy Behar added that it’s “unbelievable” that veterans back somebody who would say that.She will soon take part in a That's So Raven Disney Channel spin off.Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar ave been in a seemingly endless battle for power behind the scenes of The View.“We’ve taken people out of office for stuff like this.” Watch the video above.'Whoopi loves having the dominant position on the show and often overrides topics and discussions Joy wants to have during Hot Topics.Carter takes his role very seriously, as evidenced by the stripes he's earned (and is sometimes obsessed with) over the years.