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“Atlanta is a mess,” says Brian Howie, creator of the Great Love Debate world tour which seeks to answer the question, “Why is everyone still single?

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For those hoping to increase their probability for finding their forever mate, the key may be location, location, location. The Census does not ask about sexual orientation.) These are just two scenarios for lovelorn singles. (Take the quiz here.) Don’t miss: Rich women like rich men, and rich men like slender women Whether or not you actually want to move after taking the quiz is another story.(And education, education, education.) San Francisco; San Jose, Calif.; Seattle; Austin, Texas; and San Diego are the best cities for someone seeking a man in his 30s, with at least a college degree, who works 40 hours per week or more and has never been married, according to an analysis of the 100 largest metro areas in the U. by real-estate website Trulia based on age, hours worked each week, level of education and whether people were previously married. And no matter what city you’re in, you may want to skip the dinner date.Click below to subscribe – you’ll have unlimited access to while supporting local journalism. If you need help, check out the FAQs at RTD 101 or contact us.Current seven-day subscribers to the Richmond Times-Dispatch can add unlimited digital access to their account for no extra charge. During one memorable Atlanta show, a man stood up to share with the audience what he was looking for in a girlfriend when up popped a woman he had gone on a date with six months before.

Single people get all kinds of dating advice, whether or not they’re actually looking to change their relationship status — from marketing yourself like a shampoo to who should pick up the check on a first date. Census Bureau data to determine the answers to these questions, singles seeking dates of their same gender are included but not evaluated separately. Right can take a quiz to find, based on the criteria important to them, which city would be best for their dating life.

” One could weigh the cock-blocking nature of any city forever, but I think it all comes down to a study Hess points to from the ’90s by Sheena Iyengar about the psychology of choice.

Iyengar found that making decisions is often “experienced as suffering, not pleasure,” and that “the explosion of choice has made it more difficult overall for people to identify what they want and how to get it.” Makes sense to me: My New York dating experience was frustrating because there were .

And Los Angeles lacks an urban center where young, single people congregate — they live everywhere.” Dating in Washington, D. with her boyfriend; then they promptly broke up, and he moved back east.

C, where the high proportion of singles is more intimate and leads to more organic relationships, was summed up by one resident as, “I slept with someone I never wanted to see again, and now he works 20 feet away from me and is also friends with all of my friends. C.” Plus: 16 Excellent Retorts To The Question, “Why Are You Still Single? Finding herself at a party, paired off with a friend of a friend who took interest in her, she asked: “Is that what love is now?

In short, it sucks to be single anywhere in America. Well, that’s not exactly what they said, but it’s close.“Because there are more women graduating from college (about 34% more women than men graduated in 2012) the dating pool for straight millennial college graduates is severely skewed with about four women for every three guys,” Metro explained.