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(Oh, and that pukey green takes us back to the bad-60s, but hey, matters of taste...

For the record, we still love the brown Zune, so there you go.) No doubt we prefer the new touch-sensitive squircle to the i Pod's tired, thumb-joint-popping scrollwheel, but we did find ourselves clicking around on the direction buttons more often than sweeping across the pad -- in which case it's really no different to us than the original Zune's four way d-pad hardware.

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Microsoft alerted users of its deprecated Zune Marketplace that it will no longer be offering music, TV show or movie purchases (or, for movies, rentals) through the service starting as soon as next week.

The change comes as the service’s Xbox-branded replacements shift from Microsoft Points to using local currency.

The last firmware version known to work with this method is version 2.5.

This work-around is not for the faint of heart and currently has some limitations: -It appears that wireless synching is not allowed -Multiple hacks are required to synchronize, including a registry hack.

Reports from around the internet suggest the first Windows Phone update may be causing problems with handsets and, sometimes, bricking the phone during installation.

Several reports point to problems with the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Samsung Focus.Disconnecting the phone from the computer during the hang up forces a reboot and the original version of Windows Phone 7 is restored.Unfortunately, some phones do not recover from this failed update and remain in a bricked state.Not that we really need to explain this to Engadget readers, but early adopters are far from accustomed to the kindly occurrence of getting software and feature parity for free and without having to buy later hardware.Well, we've been playing with the new Zune hardware (as well as the software update to our first gen device), and there's no mistake about it: Microsoft's really put their nose to the grindstone, prettying it up and filling out essential features that should have been there on day one, like podcasting support and wireless syncing. Let's knock out the upgrades first, because Microsoft's made some real improvements to Zune device line, and deserve credit where it's due.The external hard drive hack listed above is the one I found easiest to use, but manually editing the registry or any other available hack should work equally as well.